Food Safety and Environmental policy

The Quality, Environmental and Food Safety Policy of ACEITES CANOLIVA, S.L. is designed to achieve the satisfaction of customers and the persons who form part of the company, whilst also complying with its environmental responsibility.

This policy is defined and promoted by company management, which accepts the obligation to develop and implement it, update it on a regular basis, and to enforce and monitor compliance in order to show the continuous improvement of its processes.

At the core of this policy lies the promotion of continuous improvement, which forms the basis of the objectives defined according to the following criteria:

⇀ Carrying out the production and bottling of olive oil with an EXACTING LEVEL OF QUALITY which satisfies our customers and sets us apart from our competitors, with the constant aim of moving towards continuous improvement of our processes.

⇀ A commitment by senior management to comply with the applicable legal requirements and other product requirements (food safety, quality, the environment, etc.), prevent pollution and achieve continuous improvement.

⇀ The Quality, Food Safety and Environmental policy is the basis on which the organisation establishes its objectives and goals.

⇀ Continuous improvement in the SPEED AND PUNCTUALITY of our service, getting the most out of the capabilities, experience and training of our employees

⇀ Achieving the ELIMINATION OF ERRORS IN THE PRODUCTION PROCESS, developing an effective non-conformity control process, where applicable, to prevent any non-conforming items from being sent to the customer

⇀ Compliance with legal requirements, regulations and any other requirements agreed with our customers.

⇀ Approaching the whole production process from a food safety perspective, improving any technological measures and advances which may appear on the market.

⇀ Adopting measures to reduce the environmental impact resulting from the company’s own activities or those of its suppliers and subcontractors.

⇀ Updating and refreshing personal skills and ensuring their optimum suitability for the duties carried out by means of human resource management aimed at developing training, ethics and continuous evaluation.

⇀ The Quality, Food Safety and Environmental Policy will be notified to all persons who work for the organisation or on its behalf, including any subcontractors working at the facilities of ACEITES CANOLIVA, S.L.

⇀ Evaluation and selection of the best suppliers as members of the organisation in their own right.

⇀ A preventative approach in the development of the internal audits for all key, strategic and support processes.

⇀ Exhaustive measurement of customer satisfaction.

⇀ The MANAGER accepts as his own obligation, and part of his responsibilities, the commitment to show leadership in the implementation and application of conduct which is in accordance with the Integrated Quality, Environmental and Food Safety System of ACEITES CANOLIVA, S.L., acting as instigator and guide and leading by example in the fulfilment of an obligation placed on all of us at the company.


This Quality, Environmental and Food Safety Policy must be known and applied by all persons at the company, and shall therefore be effectively disseminated in full. It will be developed through a documented system and made available to anyone who is affected or has an interest in it.